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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

TWO - A Two Word Text Adventure

I recently released TWO, which is a two word text adventure game, written in Adventuron Classroom.

The idea behind TWO is to strip away anything resembling a story, and just focus on puzzles.

The game is available to play here:

The treasure hunt genre was chosen for the game because it doesn't require a story and a two word game is a puzzle box rather than IF.

The game plays well on mobile:

"I see more than two words on the screen."

Here are the quite arbitrary rules:

  • Every location has a maximum of two words description.
  • Every object has a maximum of two words description (multiple objects may be listed in a location).
  • Apostrophe'd words count as one word, but no using the - characters to connect words.
  • Every response message is a maximum of two words.
  • The intro text is a maximum of two words.
  • The game over text is a maximum of two words.
  • Items in lists have their own two word allocations (such as directions, objects).

I really enjoyed this exercise in puzzle building, and I think that minimal parser based games really suit mobile as a platform. I'll be creating a gamejam around this rules shortly.

The link above has the full game, as well as full clues, encoded with base64, to avoid spoiling later puzzles. It also has a puzzle dependency chart for the game downloadable as an SVG, a preview (probably non readable, available here. Don't read onward if you want to avoid spoilers ...

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