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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Choice-Based Adventuron (CBA)

Gamebook Mode

The graphic in this demo is the kitchen from "Bonnie the Bonnie dog" tuturial adventure (bundled with Adventuron).


Adventuron was originally envisaged as a gamebook / choice-based IF engine but it seemed like it was a better idea to start with the more complex problem first.

Thus, the first release of Adventuron was a parser-based release, but from the earliest release it had a hidden "game_type" flag embedded - not that it did anything but complain at a missing implementation.

In hindsight, with the popularity of systems such as popular choice-based IF systems, that it was perhaps not the wisest of decisions to focus on the lesser-loved parser-based text-adventure side of things.

Even though perhaps it wasn't the right move, I am extremely happy with how things have turned out, and to have fulfilled one of my life-goals in the process in delivering the remaster of The Beast hosted in my own engine. And I also think that there are more innovations to come in the field of parser-based text-adventures.

The crunch period leading up to The Beast (30th Anniversary Edition) led to me refining the list selection widgets, and with those widgets developed, it was finally time to focus on writing the gamebook event loop (which is now working).

Outstanding Tasks

Even though the gamebook mode is working, there remains a large set of housekeeping tasks that I would like to take care of prior to release.

It's no good if it works but is a pain to program, so I'll be working on reducing the amount of typing necessary in the normal flow of coding.

The markup notation must also be able to serve all different modes, and to embed lots of different classes of information. There are additional UI components to develop (such as status screen(s)).

There are also plans to integrate a conversation system.

Choice Based IF Criticisms (versus parser based IF)

The skills required to develop an engaging gamebook style adventure are completely different to the skills required to develop a fun text adventure.

At the low end, it's possible to develop games where to win the game all you have to do is exhaust every option.

Really good IF doesn't involve sitting in a location, and being able to select every option. The plot should move forward from each choice and the story should be dynamic based on prior choices.

This style of choice based IF is very different to the typical 8-bit text adventure style of games that has been the bread-and-butter of Adventuron, but I believe a well designed game, will stand on its own two feet as a compelling experience.

My hope is that good games will rise to the top (I don't represent any of the two tech demo videos shown here as GOOD choice-based IF).

Why Choose Adventuron for Choice-Based IF?

Adventuron has a lot of features not typically seen in choice based IF systems, which, if used creatively, could make stories a lot more dynamic and engaging.

Adventuron is good at some things, less good at other things, but if it suits your design - give it a go. Adventuron is just another choice.

When is it available?

The public release of Adventuron 1.0 will be available in Q1 of 2019. If you want to try out the private beta in the meantime, please follow @LearnAdventuron on twitter and drop me a DM.

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