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Thursday, 1 November 2018

New Game - Unhallowed (ZX Spectrum 128K + Web/Adventuron)

Unhallowed is a new PAW text adventure game, by @blerkotron, for the ZX Spectrum 128K (and compatible machines such as ZX Next) and web browsers (via Adventuron).

Unhallowed was developed for the ZX Spectrum using the excellent PAW adventure writing system. 

Upon finishing writing and testing the game, the game was then ported to Adventuron via the "PAW to Adventuron" converter, followed by a manual text reformatting pass performed by Blerkotron, to take into account the larger screen area.

A "loading" screen was then manually added, and a few other minor adjustments made. Finally, the game was exported to a HTML file.

To avoid spoilers, the screenshot is from early in the game, but things get spookier quite soon after.

See the release note by Blerkotron here.
The game can be downloaded for 8-bit, and web, here.


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