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Saturday, 7 July 2018

'Secret' map-drawing commands

Adventuron doesn't yet have an integrated auto-mapper, but it does have something of a workaround that might help help players draw something of a map.

These commands should be typed "in-game", at the command line....

Using "The Quest For the Holy Snail" as a demo game here:

Type in:

> drawmap

... to output a text based map of locations that you have already visited.

Type in:

> drawmap all

.... to output a text based map of all locations (based on the navigation table).

Right now, this process isn't super smooth, so my apologies, but the text based maps need to opened in a text editor, then copy and pasted into and the map will be rendered, courtesy of the plantuml and graphviz libraries.

The maps aren't north-centric, and therefore are sub-optimal for instant "grokking", but this will improve in future releases.

It's difficult to know if the "all" variant of this encourages cheating, or spoiling the game for the player, but if an author is concerned about the all variant, they can block it using a custom T1 handler.


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